Effortlessly Source R2R Deals Through Letting Agents 
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"My coaching is based purely on results. You will see first hand how I secure deals"
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Get one on one PRACTICAL coaching. Learn hands-on how to secure multiple R2R deals through agents and have a pipeline of the best deals to source on or keep for yourself
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"Supercharge Your R2R Business"
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1-2-1 On-Patch Coaching
My Proven 5 Day Method To Secure Multiple R2R Deals Without ANY Objections From Letting Agents
Here's more about my program and, this is how it will work:
  •  Practical coaching: Watch me pitch, negotiate and even close deals with you in your goldmine area.  Learn hands-on how to source multiple R2R deals through agents and that means have a pipeline of the best deals to source on or keep for yourself
  •  Negotiate win-win contracts: I'll help you avoid having deals or opportunities blow up in your face by teaching you how to assess, analyse and negotiate deals properly... And that means you benefit from 1-2 relationships for ALL your R2r deals
  •  In-depth education: Company set-up, deal analysis, contract planning  and area evaluation using my R2R business in a box documents pack which means you target the best cash-flowing opportunities and have a legal and compliant R2R business from day 1!
  •  Develop an unbeatable pitch: Use my practical techniques so that they can't say no! Overcome any objection agents throw at you and have every tool possible to make R2R your full time business
  •  5 Day Deal Plan: Learn how to secure multiple deals in as little as 5 days using my perfect pitch. Close more deals, build ongoing relationships and leverage agents to bring YOU only the best deals. 
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